Accréditation Sans Frontières

Promoting International Accreditation of Health Care Facilities in

emerging markets, fragile states, and humanitarian settings



Founded in Paris, Accréditation Sans Frontières (ASF) translates to Accreditation Without Borders is an international, non-profit, independent organisation promoting healthcare accreditation and standards in emerging economies, fragile states and in humanitarian settings. ASF actions are guided by medical ethics and the principles of impartiality, independence and neutrality to improve quality of healthcare services to insure safety of patients and medical personnel as well as improving performance of healthcare facilities.



Healthcare Quality in a Humanitarian Setting

In humanitarian crises, ASF emphasizes the urgency of upholding healthcare standards amidst challenging conditions. Such accreditation ensures that healthcare facilities in crisis zones meet recognized benchmarks, fostering trust among affected communities. Furthermore, it guarantees efficient resource use, attracts funding, and maintains vital safety protocols. By championing the cause of quality even in adversity, ASF serves as a beacon, ensuring that healthcare's sanctity remains uncompromised for those most vulnerable.

Healthcare Quality in Fragile States

In fragile states, where governance, societal structures, and basic services often teeter on the brink, ensuring healthcare quality becomes even more crucial. Accreditation in these settings serves as a testament to the unwavering commitment to healthcare standards. By validating healthcare facilities, accreditation fosters trust among wary populations, ensuring that they receive care that meets recognized international or regional benchmarks. Moreover, it acts as a magnet for potential donors, signaling efficient and effective use of resources. As fragile states strive to rebuild and strengthen, an emphasis on healthcare quality through accreditation provides a foundation for healthier, more resilient communities.

Healthcare Quality in Emerging Economies

Emerging economies, characterized by rapid growth and development, face unique healthcare challenges. Balancing between traditional health concerns and the pressures of urbanization and globalization, the importance of robust healthcare quality becomes paramount. Accreditation in these contexts is not just a stamp of approval; it's a commitment to international standards, ensuring healthcare facilities are equipped for both endemic and emerging health issues. By promoting trust in the healthcare system, accreditation draws in both domestic and international investments. As emerging economies chart their paths forward, anchoring their healthcare sectors in quality through accreditation ensures that growth is accompanied by holistic well-being.

We are the best choice of accreditation organization for healthcare institutions in

resource-limited and challenging settings.

Accreditation of healthcare facilities in humanitarian settings

“Every woman, child and adolescent is entitled to quality healthcare. Independent accreditation of health facilities is not a luxury, but a vital tool to help them make the right decisions.”

Dr Giorgi Pkhakadze, President of ASF, IAP Member

The IAP is the only independent accountability mechanism established under the SDGs

Members of the United Nations Secretary General's Independent Accountability at the Parliament of Georgia

Our esteemed partnership with the Public Health Institute of Georgia (PHIG) is emblematic of a shared passion to raise the bar of healthcare standards in Georgia. Together, we birthed the "Accreditation Georgia” Initiative, bringing on board eminent institutions like the David Tvildiani Medical University and its School of Public Health. This multifaceted alliance, weaving together academic circles, local professional organizations, and global accreditation bodies, catalysed healthcare accreditation advocacy in Georgia. Through synergized efforts, we've made inroads into over 50 healthcare facilities, successfully accrediting four prominent ones highlighting our united objective of championing top-tier medical services. Notably, our alliance backed the pivotal push for mandatory international accreditation for healthcare establishments. After a dedicated two-year advocacy blitz across social media, coupled with dialogues with the Ministry of Health, our perseverance bore fruit. In 2023, a landmark decree was issued by the Minister of Health mandating all Georgian hospitals to seek accreditation from global accreditation bodies.

The ASF-PHIG collaboration holds special significance and is pivotal in fortifying local proficiency and capability. This augmented capacity carved a path for PHIG to ink an influential partnership in January 2023, marking its position as the official representative of Accreditation Canada (AC) in Georgia. With this new bridge built, over 14 healthcare entities are now navigating the intricate accreditation journey, echoing the progressive shifts in Georgia's healthcare narrative.

ASF and PHIG have charted pioneering territory in creating international accreditation standards tailored for Georgia, crafting a symbiosis of global best practices with Georgia-centric specifications. This integrated approach promises a resilient and contextualized framework for healthcare elevation, aligning seamlessly with Georgia's unique medical ecosystem.

Our unified drive continues. We're staunch proponents of perpetual professional growth, a sentiment reflected in our collective support for Continued Medical Education (CME). Our integrated endeavour has illuminated the paths for over 1,000 Georgian healthcare professionals, awarding them our accredited programs with CME credit certificates and positioning them at the zenith of medical innovation and expertise.

Joint project: Accréditation Sans Frontières, Public Health Institute of Georgia, David Tvildiani Meidla University, Accreditation Canada Representative Office in Georgia

About us

Dr Pkhakadze at the United Kingdom Parliament,

London, UK

Dr Pkhakadze at the Georgian Parliament,

Tbilisi, Georgia

Dr Pkhakadze at the United Nations General Assembly,

New York, USA

Originating from the heart of Paris, Accréditation Sans Frontières (ASF) – or Accreditation Without Borders – embodies the relentless dedication to uphold superior healthcare standards, transcending borders and socio-economic divides. We're an independent, non-profit organization fervently advocating for healthcare accreditation, emphasizing the excellence in healthcare standards within emerging economies, fragile states, and humanitarian settings.

Our actions, guided by an unwavering compass of medical ethics, root deeply in the principles of impartiality, independence, and neutrality. Our mission revolves around ensuring patient safety, safeguarding the welfare of medical personnel, and driving optimal performance in healthcare facilities.

Our Vision

ASF envisions a world where healthcare accreditation is not just a seal of approval, but a beacon of hope and trust. We are committed to elevating healthcare standards in emerging economies, fragile states, and humanitarian settings, mirroring the esteemed benchmarks set by European health systems. Our aspiration is for every ASF-accredited organization to be a paragon of excellence across all realms of patient management, strengthened by transparency, accountability, and ceaseless quality improvement. Such institutions should not merely offer unparalleled patient care and experience but also stand as bastions of healthcare best practices.

To put it succinctly, our dream is for ASF-accredited facilities to be:

  • Patient-Centric: Universally recognized and chosen by patients for their staunch commitment to safety and quality.
  • Physician's Choice: Sought after by medical professionals for their exemplary service quality, nurturing patient experience, and for fostering personal professional growth.
  • Community Pillar: Respected and embraced by communities, especially for instituting an affordable, responsible, and elite healthcare accreditation system that promises value without any compromise on quality, even in the most challenging landscapes of humanitarian settings.

Our Mission

“Every woman, child, and adolescent is entitled to quality healthcare. Independent accreditation of health facilities is not a luxury, but a vital tool to help them make the right decisions.” This guiding belief underscores ASF's dedication to championing national independent accreditation systems and standards. Our unique, scientifically-backed, voluntary accreditation model, inspired by European healthcare standards, is implemented by a select team of renowned national and international experts. We strive to ensure that both clinical and non-clinical services in healthcare establishments across emerging economies, fragile states, and humanitarian terrains undergo a transformative evolution in quality.

Let's work together.

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