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The alliance operate as a single organization under a unified senior leadership team

Promoting Public Health and International Accreditation of Health Care ​Facilities in emerging markets, fragile states, and humanitarian settings

Alliance Profile

Founded in Paris, Accréditation Sans Frontières (ASF) ​translates to Accreditation Without Borders and Public Health ​Institute of Georgia (PHIG), founded in Tbilisi, are both ​international, non-profit, independent organisations promoting ​healthcare accreditation and standards in emerging ​economies, fragile states and humanitarian settings. ASF/PHIG ​(AP) alliance actions are guided by medical ethics and the ​principles of impartiality, independence, and neutrality to ​improve the quality of healthcare services, ensure the safety of ​patients and medical personnel, and improve the performance ​of healthcare facilities.



Healthcare Quality in a Humanitarian Setting

In humanitarian crises, AP emphasizes the urgency of upholding healthcare stand​ards amidst challenging conditions. Such accreditation ensures that healthcare facil​ities in crisis zones meet recognized benchmarks, fostering trust among affected commu​nities. Furthermore, it guarantees efficient resource use, attracts funding, and maint​ains vital safety protocols. By championing the cause of quality even in adver​sity, ASF serves as a beacon, ensuring that healthcare's sanctity remains uncom​promised for those most vulnerable.

Healthcare Quality in Fragile States

In fragile states, where governance, societal structures, and basic services often teeter ​on the brink, ensuring healthcare quality becomes even more crucial. Accreditation in ​these settings serves as a testament to the unwavering commitment to healthcare ​standards. By validating healthcare facilities, accreditation fosters trust among wary ​populations, ensuring that they receive care that meets recognized international or ​regional benchmarks. Moreover, it acts as a magnet for potential donors, signaling ​efficient and effective use of resources. As fragile states strive to rebuild and ​strengthen, an emphasis on healthcare quality through accreditation provides a ​foundation for healthier, more resilient communities.

Healthcare Quality in Emerging Economies

Emerging economies, characterized by rapid growth and development, face unique ​healthcare challenges. Balancing between traditional health concerns and the ​pressures of urbanization and globalization, the importance of robust healthcare ​quality becomes paramount. Accreditation in these contexts is not just a stamp of ​approval; it's a commitment to international standards, ensuring healthcare facilities ​are equipped for both endemic and emerging health issues. By promoting trust in the ​healthcare system, accreditation draws in both domestic and international ​investments. As emerging economies chart their paths forward, anchoring their ​healthcare sectors in quality through accreditation ensures that growth is ​accompanied by holistic well-being.

“Every woman, child and adolescent is entitled to quality healthcare. Independent accreditation of health facilities is not a luxury, but a vital tool to help them make the right decisions.”

Dr Giorgi Pkhakadze, President of ASF, IAP Member

The IAP is the only independent accountability mechanism established under the SDGs

Members of the United Nations Secretary General's Independent Accountability at the Parliament of Georgia

About us

Dr Pkhakadze at the House of Lords, Parliament of the United ​Kingdom, London, UK

Dr Pkhakadze at the Parliament of Georgia,

Tbilisi, Georgia

Dr Pkhakadze at the United Nations General Assembly,

New York, USA

Accréditation Sans Frontières and Public Health Institute of Georgia, as an ​alliance of two independent organisations with a common management, ​vision, and mission, is committed to advancing healthcare standards ​globally, focusing on emerging economies, fragile states, and humanitarian ​settings.

As an ASF/PHIG alliance, we are jointly, an independent, nonprofit ​organization passionately advocating for independent healthcare ​accreditation, guided by a strong foundation of medical ethics. Our mission ​centres around ensuring patient safety, protecting the well-being of ​healthcare professionals, and driving optimal performance in healthcare ​facilities.

Our Vision

ASF/PHIG envisions a world where healthcare accreditation is not simply a ​seal of approval but an example of trust. We are dedicated to elevating ​healthcare standards in emerging economies, fragile states, and ​humanitarian settings, aligning with European healthcare standards. Our ​aspiration is for every ASF/PHIG-accredited/partner organization to serve as a ​model of excellence across all aspects of patient care, fortified by ​transparency, accountability, and continuous quality improvement. These ​institutions should provide outstanding patient care and experiences and ​serve as strongholds of best healthcare practices.

In essence, our dream is for ASF/PHIG-accredited facilities to embody the ​following qualities:

Patient-Centric: Universally preferred for safety and quality.

Physician's Choice: Sought after for service quality, dedication to ​nurturing the patient experience, and commitment to fostering personal ​and professional growth.

Community Pillar: Respected for affordable, responsible, and effective ​healthcare accreditation, even in challenging humanitarian settings.

Our Mission

“Every woman, child, and adolescent is entitled to quality healthcare. ​Independent accreditation of health facilities is not a luxury, but a vital tool to ​help them make the right decisions.” (In line with the United Nations ​Secretary-General’s Independent Accountability Panel report).

This guiding principle underscores ASF/PHIG’s unwavering dedication to ​championing national independent accreditation systems and standards. ​Our unique, scientifically supported, voluntary accreditation model, inspired ​by European healthcare standards, is executed by a carefully selected team ​of experienced national and international experts. We are committed to ​facilitating a transformative evolution in the quality of clinical and non-​clinical services in healthcare establishments throughout emerging ​economies, fragile states, and humanitarian landscapes.

The ASF-PHIG alliance (AP), formed in January 2023, unites our shared mission to elevate ​healthcare standards. We operate as one organization driven by a commitment to independent ​healthcare accreditation, patient safety, healthcare excellence, public health principles, and ​health promotion. This alliance underscores our dedication to accessible, high-quality healthcare ​worldwide.

The Public Health Institute of Georgia (PHIG) has a strong commitment to ​improving healthcare standards in Georgia. ASF and PHIG jointly initiated the ​"Accreditation Georgia" Initiative in collaboration with the David Tvildiani ​Medical University. This initiative brought together academia, local ​professional organizations, and global accreditation bodies to promote ​healthcare accreditation in Georgia.

From 2021 to 2022, more than 50 healthcare facilities voluntarily signed ​agreements with the ASF to undergo pilot accreditation (adapted Georgian ​standard), and the ASF successfully accredited four healthcare institutions. ​This initiative set an example for hospitals and all stakeholders in Georgia, ​showcasing the benefits, advantages, and sustainability of accreditation in a ​country that had never before experienced any form of healthcare facility ​accreditation.

Additionally, our alliance played a crucial role in advocating for the mandatory ​independent international accreditation of healthcare institutions. After two ​years of persistent advocacy through social media, academic engagement, ​discussions with healthcare providers and professional associations, and ​extensive dialogues with the Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the ​Occupied Territories, Health, Labour, and Social Affairs of Georgia, our efforts ​bore fruit in 2022. The Minister of Health issued a decree mandating ​independent international accreditation for all Georgian hospitals.

The ASF/PHIG collaboration paved the way for PHIG to establish an official ​partnership with Accreditation Canada (AC), the world's largest healthcare ​accreditation body, in January 2023. Through this partnership, 23 healthcare ​facilities in Georgia are currently undergoing international accreditation. ASF ​and PHIG have created an environment enabling the implementation of ​Georgia's international accreditation standards.

Our next step in the country's healthcare improvement implementation ​strategy is to enhance the quality of the healthcare workforce in Georgia and ​streamline access to competency-based Continuing Medical Education (CME) ​credits. We have supported over 1,000 Georgian healthcare professionals as a ​pilot, providing them with CME credit certificates. With Accreditation Canada ​in Georgia, we plan to offer approximately 1,000 competency-based CME ​credits annually. Additionally, we will continue our advocacy efforts to ensure ​the Government of Georgia recognises competency-based CME credits.

We are the best choice of accreditation organization for healthcare institutions in

resource-limited and challenging settings.

Accreditation of healthcare ​facilities in humanitarian ​settings by​ ASF/PHIG

Since 2014, the Public Health Institute of Georgia (PHIG) has championed the cause for independent international accreditation of ​healthcare facilities in Georgia. Our relentless advocacy, marked by robust social media campaigns, academic contributions, and ​continuous stakeholder and government engagement, culminated in a 2022 decree by the Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons ​from the Occupied Territories, Health, Labour and Social Affairs of Georgia mandating international accreditation for all state-funded ​hospitals. Strengthening this mission, in 2023, PHIG partnered with Accreditation Canada (AC) to commence the accreditation of ​23 healthcare institutions, setting a new standard for healthcare excellence in Georgia.

23 healthcare ​institutions started ​International ​healthcare ​accreditation in ​Georgia with ​Accreditation ​Canada

მედცენტრი (ახალი ​კლინიკა)

Media holding “Sheni”

Innovative health

promotion concept

Media Holding "Sheni" is an example of public health communication, distinguished as ​the only independent, politically neutral, evidence-based public health media holding ​in Eastern Europe and Central Asia based in Tbilisi, Georgia, with offices in Paris and ​Geneva. Our mission is to clarify the path to health literacy and empowerment through ​trusted information. Daily, "Sheni" casts a wide digital net, publishing up to 100 news ​articles and broadcasting 1000 news feeds to 17 internet platforms, effectively ​reaching and engaging over a million Georgian language-speaking individuals monthly.

In the modern era, where the truth often perishes to the tidal wave of misinformation, ​"Sheni" is a beacon of reliability, especially vital in public health. Our name, “Sheni”, ​meaning "yours" in Georgian, reflects our dedication to the people, providing a media ​platform as diverse and dynamic as the community it serves.

"Sheni" harnesses the universal nature of digital channels—encompassing established ​networks like Google Business Profile, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Flickr, Reddit, Vimeo, Blogger,Mastodon, and the growing strength of Telegram, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, VK, and X ​(Twitter). Our reach extends further through ten specialized websites, ten Facebook ​pages, a dedicated Facebook group, five Instagram profiles, a TV channel, “Pulse,” and ​a radio channel “, Positive 104.3”, broadcasting in the capital and soundings of the ​Georgian capital. Each outlet is carefully curated to deliver content that resonates with ​our audience's daily experiences and concerns, with a constant emphasis on health, ​regardless of the platform's primary focus.

At the core of "Sheni" is our solid commitment to fostering critical thinking. Every piece ​of content is meticulously vetted for accuracy, ensuring the reliability of information, ​the integrity of our authors, and the solidity of the evidence supporting their claims. ​Trusted sources such as the Ministry of Health of Georgia and the World Health ​Organization provide the foundation for our articles, helping "Sheni" solidify its status as ​a fortress against the onslaught of health misinformation.

Our ten news agencies, each a domain-specific herald of news and information, are unified by ​their commitment to include health-related topics in their reporting. Here is a closer look at each ​one:

- General News (

Our premier agency serves as the nerve centre of our media network, providing comprehensive ​daily news updates. It is the quintessence of our media outreach, encompassing detailed ​analyses of public health policy, epidemiological trends, and health economics. ​"" not only disseminates information but also offers a platform for public ​discourse, bringing the essence of our nine specialized agencies into a broader context and ​connecting them with everyday life.

- Health News (

This portal is a treasure trove for those seeking guidance on leading a healthy lifestyle. It ​extends beyond mere news dissemination, incorporating interactive tools such as symptom ​checkers and health calculators and providing access to white papers and case studies that ​deepen public understanding of diseases and health systems. Coverage includes in-depth ​articles on medical innovations, interviews with healthcare professionals, and analysis of health ​policies that affect the community's well-being.

- Rural Life (

Here, we spotlight pastoral heartlands, bringing stories of rural health challenges and triumphs. ​This agency offers essential guides on integrating traditional knowledge with modern health ​practices, emphasizing the benefits of natural and bio-friendly agricultural methods and their ​impact on community health.

- Education and Literature (

Our education-focused agency addresses the intersection of intellectual and mental health, ​providing resources on educational programs that promote cognitive development and ​psychological resilience and literature that opens dialogues on health and well-being.

- Travel (

As explorers navigate Georgia's landscapes, this agency equips them with health and safety ​guidelines for travel, including eco-tourism benefits and mental wellness on the go.

- Horoscope (

In a unique melding of horoscopes and health, we provide daily insights that entertain and ​inform readers about the effects of lifestyle choices on well-being, anchored in astrological ​trends.

- Interior and Exterior Design (

Covering the latest design with an eye towards health, this agency promotes environments that ​enhance well-being. It features expert insights on creating spaces that support mental and ​physical health, age-friendly design, including ergonomic furniture design, natural lighting ​optimization, and the psychological impacts of colour and space.

- Cuisine (

Fusing the art of gastronomy with nutritional science, this agency is a guide to healthy and ​hygienic eating. It offers recipes, food safety tips, and information on the health responsibilities ​and risks of culinary professions.

- Personal Care (

Delving into personal wellness, we address comprehensive care, from dermatological health to ​the psychological impacts of beauty routines and provide evidence-based advice on product ​use and alternative wellness practices.

- Emigrant Life (

This agency supports the diaspora by delivering content that tackles the health implications of ​emigration, offering advice on adapting to new environments, legal support, and maintaining ​physical and mental health across borders.

Together, these agencies form the backbone of "Sheni", not just as separate entities but as ​integral components of a holistic public health dialogue. They reach out to inform, educate, and ​empower a nation committed to healthful living.

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Advancing Health through Accredited Physical Activity in Georgia

Our collaborative vision at PHIG/ASF and Georgia Active is for a more active, healthier world. We are on a ​mission to ensure all Georgians enjoy access to quality physical activity within safe, inclusive spaces. Our ​strategy supports the WHO Global Action Plan on Physical Activity 2018-2030, which aims to reduce physical ​inactivity by 15% by 2030. It is enhanced through collaboration with UNESCO to align with the Kazan Action ​Plan.

Elevating Standards with National Certification and Accreditation

Central to our mission is the national certification and accreditation of Georgia's fitness facilities, programs, and ​instructors. We are committed to meeting EuropeActive Accreditation and the European Register of Exercise ​Professionals (EREPS) standards, setting a benchmark for excellence and safety in the fitness industry. This ​initiative is not just about promoting physical activity; it's about guaranteeing that every engagement with ​fitness is beneficial, safe, professional, and held to the highest standards.

Our united efforts are the first steps toward a dynamic, healthy, and sustainable future for all in Georgia.

Our Collaborative Initiatives: Enhancing Fitness Standards in Georgia

Our joint projects aim to elevate the standard of physical fitness and professional ​training within Georgia. These projects underscore our commitment to excellence, ​accreditation, and education in the fitness industry.

“SheniFitness” Initiative

Through our innovative “SheniFitness” platform, ​accessible at [], we offer expert ​advice provided by personal trainers certified by the ​Georgian branch of the European Register of ​Exercise Professionals (EREPS). This initiative is a ​part of the comprehensive news agency and satellite ​social media platform operated by the media ​holding “Sheni,” which serves as a cornerstone for ​reliable fitness information and professional ​guidance.

Establishing a Gold Standard: Accreditation of ​Fitness Clubs

To accredit fitness clubs across Georgia is gaining ​momentum with the establishment of the National ​Independent Accreditation Body jointly by PHIG/ASF/GA. ​This body is modelled on the EuropeActive standards, ​assimilating best practices from international healthcare ​accreditation organizations such as Accreditation ​Canada. The purpose is to ensure that the fitness ​industry in Georgia operates at par with the highest ​international benchmarks for safety, quality, and ​effectiveness.

Promoting the European Register of Exercise ​Professionals (EREPS)

We are dedicated to promoting and facilitating the ​European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPS) ​in Georgia. This commitment involves not just ​recognizing certified professionals but also ​providing a structured pathway for fitness ​practitioners to gain this prestigious certification, ​thereby ensuring that fitness instruction in Georgia ​meets European standards of excellence.

Partnerships with National Fitness Academies

In our effort to nurture a community of certified exercise ​professionals, we have established partnerships with ​national fitness academies. These collaborations are ​aimed at advocating for certified training programs and ​continuing education, thereby supporting the ​professional development of fitness trainers in Georgia. ​Our goal is to foster an environment where excellence in ​fitness training is not just encouraged but celebrated.

Let's work together.

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