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Founded in Paris, Accréditation Sans Frontières (ASF) translates to Accreditation Without Borders is an international, non-profit, independent organisation promoting healthcare accreditation and standards in emerging economies, fragile states and in humanitarian settings. ASF actions are guided by medical ethics and the principles of impartiality, independence and neutrality to improve quality of healthcare services to insure safety of patients and medical personnel as well as improving performance of healthcare facilities.


To promote healthcare accreditation and standards based on best practices in terms of quality of care, patient safety and respect for patients’ rights in emerging economies and fragile states according to the standards of health systems in Europe.

To achieve excellence in all aspects of patient management for ASF accredited organisations through good governance, transparency, accountability, and continuous quality improvement, resulting in the best possible patient care and experience.

Through our local and international experts, we want to achieve that ASF accredited healthcare facilities are:

• Preferred and recommended by patients for the safety and quality assurance
• Preferred and recommended by physicians for their quality work, patient services and beneficial for their personal professional development
• Preferred and recommended by communities for introducing cost efficient, affordable and accountable quality healthcare accreditation system


Every person in the world is entitled to quality healthcare. Independent accreditation of healthcare facilities is not a luxury but a vital tool to help a person make a right decision in any setting. ASF promotes establishment of national independent accreditation systems and standards through improvement and optimization of the quality in medical treatment and non-clinical services for healthcare institutions in emerging economies and fragile states with a unique, voluntary and scientific accreditation system based on European healthcare standards and applied by a team of highly qualified national and international experts.



The purpose of the ASF standards is to support local institutions/ organization to establish accessible and transparent national independent system of impartial assessment, evaluation and validation the quality of medical and non-medical services, to identify potential for improvements and to optimize medical quality as well as quality of services in healthcare organisations with the overall aim to assure patient safety and continuum of care for patients. Any healthcare organisations receive the complete set of standards after the request has been placed in our online platform and the accreditation process has been started.


ASF develops, reviews and updates its standards based on latest international standards available, best practice from experienced international institutions and national partner organisations, input from external experts with specific knowledge, stakeholders and partners feedback from applying and accredited institutions and organizations internationally as well as from the ASF partner organisations and following the set of principles for the development of health and social care standards of the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua) in its current version. In each country, the ASF standards are adopted to reflect local legal and administrate requirements. National adaptation of ASF standards is just an addition to ASF minimum requirement, which cover the international standards for patient and staff safety, governance, leadership, quality management, transparency and accountability. ASF International Advisory Board has the overall authority and responsibility for approving the ASF standards.


ASF encourage and support national independent accreditation systems. ASF encourage national institutions/organisations to have a national or international certification or accreditation in general quality management implemented before applying for ASF accreditation. ASF standards focus on comprehensive approach in quality management, safety, and patient management, following a defined process for the development and review of the standards. ASF accreditation programs should be understood as complementary to the existing quality management system applicable to all patients and filling possible gaps in services. To avoid duplication or parallel implementation of standards ASF will accept implemented standards if the organization follows another accredited standard. Organisation will be asked to provide the evidence and will be validated during the accreditation process. ASF strongly believe that strengthening of the national healthcare systems is a priority and all applying organization has to comply with the applicable national, local and regional laws and regulations. In case there is a conflict between ASF standards and a national law or regulation by local authorities, the applying organization must follow the laws, regulations, and/or requirements of the organization that has set the higher-level requirements while maintaining the national regulations at the same time.

Let’s build quaility healthcare together.

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